Common Sense Solutions Over Politics 


Ramirez will work hard to provide sensible solutions to improve infrastructure in precinct 2. He will promote projects that bring jobs and development to our area while listening to the taxpayers. His focus will be on improving our existing road systems to combat increases in traffic and growth of the population. 

Industrial Engineer

Flood Relief

 Ramirez will work with county and regional leaders to mitigate flooding in precinct 2 through the improvement of existing infrastructure to reduce flooding. He will also be a voice and advocate for those impacted by flooding, demanding updated rules ensuring money reaches those who need it. Army Corps of Engineers, Flood Control, Reservoirs - We cannot accept less help than we need to permanently address the issue at hand. 

Hurricane Harvey 2017, flooding in Spring Texas, a couple miles north of Houston. Speed li


Ramirez will always stand up and fight against tax increases and irresponsible spending that cause more harm than benefit to the residents of Fort Bend County. As County Commissioner, his emphasis will be on working with local law enforcement, providing resources, and assisting federal law enforcement to leave our precinct a better place. 

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Public Health

Ramirez will work with experts in healthcare to increase operational efficiencies and transparency. His top priority will be to ensure the most responsible use of your tax dollars so that you can focus on your patient doctor relationship without over-interference from the government impacting medical decisions you and your family should be able to make on your own. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Public Safety

 Upholding the safety and security of our citizens is one of the most important responsibilities of our government. Ramirez will ensure that our Fort Bend Sheriff and District Attorney have the resources they need to keep our community safe. Working with federal, state, and local agencies to establish partnerships that ensure our citizens receive the highest levels of service, Eric will relentlessly advocate for you as Fort Bend County Commissioner. 

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